DEPP Innovation Lab


The Disasters and Emergencies Preparedness Programme (DEPP) Innovation Labs is jointly managed by Start and CDAC Networks. It is a two-year programme, funded by UK Aid, which has set up a network of labs to identify and support the development of innovative solutions to disaster preparedness.

The CRED is a consortium partner of the "Safer Communities Innovation Lab" in Bangladesh.  It seeks to examine and improve the direct impact of the built environment on emergencies. The aim to find and support ideas that build safer communities and ensures ideas are led by the local community. It is based out of Korail, Bangladesh’s largest slum. The lab is hosted by Dhaka Community Hospital Trust, a Bangladeshi community hospital and medical college and a consortium of partners.

Other consortium partners include:  SEEDS Technical Services; University of New South Wales; and the Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network, a civil society network of 56 national NGOs from across the Asian region.


May, 2017 to April, 2019

Financial resources: 

UK Aid



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