SNOWBALL - Lower the impact of aggravating factors in crisis situations thanks to adaptative foresight and decision-support tools


The overall objective of the Snowball project is to increase preparedness, and enhance mitigation capacities related to amplifying hazards in large disasters. Snowball carries out analyses on cascading effects and develops methods to anticipate them. The consortium includes 11 expert partners from 8 European countries.

Within Snowball, CRED plays a major role in the identification and analysis of past crises with cascading effects, realized on the basis of its Emergency Events Database (EM-DAT). 

At a later stage, CRED will be deeply involved in the testing of the simulation tool in the context of real crises involving cascading effects.

For more information, contact Alizee Vanderveken


January, 2014 to January, 2017

Financial resources: 

European Union – 7th Framework program


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